Social and environmental responsibility


We have an overarching commitment to:

  • Improve our environmental performance
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Use natural ressources responsibly
  • Eliminate any negative impact of our actions on endangered forests.


We are meeting those commitments by :


  • Measuring and analyzing our carbon footprint on a regular basis, objectively and with the best tools available.
  • Reporting on our performance.
  • Identifying the elements of our activity that need correcting or improving.
  •  Systematically ensuring that we source our products from suppliers who share our philosophy.
  • Increasing our recycled and certified paper content with a preference for PEFC® or FSC® certification.
  • Raising the environmental awareness of our publishers.
  • Raising the environmental awareness of retailers and consumers.
  • Sharing our findings and expertise with other companies in the industry.
  • Improving our processes on an ongoing basis in order to make them more environmentally friendly.


Each of our territories defines its own environmental policy. They all contribute to the Group’s progress in limiting its overall carbon footprint.


In France, Hachette Livre was the first publisher to commit to a Scope 3 carbon footprint analysis every three years. Changes made to the production, circulation and distribution phases on the heels of the first assessment in 2009 have resulted in a 16% reduction in CO2-equivalent emissions over three years for each book published by the Group. The latest carbon footprint assessment, conducted from November 2015 through February 2016, revealed a further 10% reduction in emissions. In 2012, Hachette Livre introduced the carbon labeling of books published by the Group’s imprints in France, informing readers of each book’s carbon footprint.

In 2018, 100% of the fiber used to produce the books published by Hachette Book Group had obtained Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification. HBG began fiber testing to ensure that its supply chain is adhering to the company’s environmental standards. HBG also established new targets for 2017-2020 to stay focused on continuous improvement in the areas of production, paper sourcing, and energy efficiency in its facilities.

Again in 2018, 96.5% of the books published by Hachette UK’s trade publishing companies and 77% of Hachette UK’s total output were printed on FSC®-certified paper. It aims to print over 80% of its total output on FSC®-certified paper by 2019. Hachette UK’s warehouses recycle over 90% of their waste. Hachette UK has been awarded three trees by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) — the highest level of certification for sustainable forest management.

Social Responsibility

In France, Hachette Livre has established a project meant to secure the jobs of workers with disabilities and help newcomers with disabilities feel at home in their new environment. It has signed a sponsorship agreement with the elite, internationally recognized French university Sciences Po to foster diversity and equal opportunity, through which the company supports the university’s recruitment program aimed at talented, deserving students from underprivileged urban areas. In 2019, Hachette Livre signed a partnership ageement with NQT, an organization that promotes employment opportunities for recent graduates hailing from low-income communities.


Hachette UK promotes diversity, under the heading of Changing the Story, through paid internships and work experience schemes, internships aimed at British Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) candidates, a mentoring scheme and a program of volunteering and outreach. In addition, Hachette UK has partnered with the Stephen Lawrence Trust to lead a mentoring program in schools and universities. In 2018, David Shelley was named in the Financial Times’ OUTstanding list of LGBT+ executives for the second year running. Hachette UK has also appointed a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Manager.

At Hachette Book Group, the Diversity Committee spearheads initiatives such as the Read Our World program, which promotes acceptance, education and open dialogue through books representing diversity. At the annual Read Our World event, each publishing group presents an array of diverse books available to staff. In addition, the company partners with organizations that promote diversity in the book publishing industry, such as We Need Diverse Books, The Children’s Book Council and the Association of American Publishers. Hachette Book Group donates to organizations such as the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma, the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign and the National Book Foundation’s BookUP LGBTQ program.

The Anaya Group (Hachette España) is continuing to place a special focus on promoting respect for diversity, values education and gender equality in all of its publications, such as the now-iconic Feminismos collection by Cátedra, and the recently launched Pioneiras by Xerais, among others. The highly successful non-profit project Juega limpio: el valor educativo y social del deporte, published by Anaya in cooperation with the Universidad Isabel I, had a first print-run of 13,000 copies and is designed to teach the values of sport in schools. In addition, Anaya is furthering its commitment to support a number of initiatives that promote cultural and educational activities that foster integration, in cooperation with various nonprofit organizations.